Bishop William Nowell is certain of one thing: “You got to think ridiculous when it comes to Christ!”

For over 30 years, the self-taught preacher has presided over a small, working class, predominantly African American congregation in Virginia. A wayward adolescence led Nowell to the Lord, and his ecstatic faith is evident in every sermon, as the diminutive 72-year-old struts, shouts, and sings his electrifying message. But Nowell’s role in the community is deeper than that of religious leader. The New Covenant Pentecostal Church provides financial advice, emotional support, food for the needy, and rollicking, blues-infused gospel music—never more powerful than when performed inside the confines of the local jail.

Following the internationally acclaimed cinéma vérité of Sheriff, Musician, and Professor, Preacher alternates quiet, soul-searching moments with jump-to-your-feet performances, creating a movie that inspires, regardless of your beliefs.

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