Sheriff Ronald E. Hewett oversees the rural Southern community of Brunswick County, North Carolina. Heading up what used to be a backwards, back-woods department, Hewett strives to maintain order and civility in a region fraught with murder, robbery, and the occasional theft of ceramic lawn ornaments. To accomplish this impossible task, Hewett uses the only tools at his disposal — God, guns, and the hundreds of blood relatives that populate his jurisdiction.

At once brutal, bizarre and funny, Sheriff employs the techniques of Frederick Wiseman’s pure cinéma vérité: no interviews, no music, no voice-overs. The result is an unexpected, intimate portrait of a complex man trying to do good in a bad world.

Sheriff DVD cover Musician DVD coverCLICK HERE to purchase Sheriff, featuring the 76-min. theatrical cut and over 40 minutes of deleted scenes. CLICK HERE to purchase Musician, featuring nearly an hour of deleted scenes and performances.

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